BIPHA South InlineGB

Inline Puck Hockey in the South of England

March 30


9:00am Crusaders Avalanche White U14 Div 1
9:40am Caerphilly Comets AHDUK Dodgers U14 Div 1
10:20am Eastbourne Edge Brighton Stormers U14 Div 1
11:00am Caerphilly Comets Avalanche White U14 Div 1
11:40am Brighton Stormers Crusaders U14 Div 1
12:20pm Avalanche Blue Tigers U14 Div 2
1:00pm Reading Sharks Hornets U14 Div 2
1:40pm AHDUK Dodgers Eastbourne Edge U14 Div 1
2:20pm Hornets Avalanche Blue U14 Div 2
3:00pm Tigers Reading Sharks U14 Div 2