BIPHA South InlineGB

Inline Puck Hockey in the South of England

April 7


9:00am Hornets 2 Checkers Premiership
9:55am Crusaders Hornets Premiership
10:50am Farnborough Arrows Checkers Premiership
11:45am Hornets Scape Goats Premiership
12:40pm Hornets 2 Valley Commandoes Premiership
1:35pm Crusaders Farnborough Arrows Premiership
2:30pm Scape Goats Valley Commandoes Premiership
3:25pm Jokers Eastbourne Edge Division 1
4:20pm Brighton Storm Jive Turkeys Division 1
5:15pm Eastbourne Edge Cambridge Lightening Division 1
6:10pm Jokers Brighton Storm Division 1
7:05pm Jive Turkeys Cambridge Lightening Division 1